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Dan Pickering Talks Oil Majors’ Earnings on CNBC

Dan Pickering joins CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia to discuss recent earnings announcements and what it means for the energy investment landscape.

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Pickering Energy Partners Expands Energy Transition Expertise with New Director of Technical Resources

Firm Helps Clients Determine Viability of Hydrogen and Other Carbon Mitigation Investments with Scientific Expertise

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September 2022 – Commentary from Dan Pickering

The world is as complicated and nuanced as we have seen in our career. On the macro front, we have global inflation, sticky US employment and a strong dollar, central banks raising rates around the world, the remnants of the pandemic in China, a European energy crisis, sickly equity markets, sickly debt markets and an escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine…

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A big CNBC energy powwow will go down at 1:30pm ET this afternoon with @KellyCNBC, @CroftHelima & @GinaVSanchez. We'll tackle everything from commodity prices to renewables. Toughest question - will there be an #EFT shoutout and #FridayNightRollCall invite?!?!? Join us!

Sep 30, 2021

Eyecatching: What's it take to sell $500+MM of an energy stock overnight? $5+/mcf natty and a 9% discount to the last trade $EQT. 6 months ago that would've been 20% in the hole..relatively better. Will be on CNBC tomorrow around 1:30pm ET to talk energy..should be fun!

Sep 29, 2021

Biden says US power to 45% solar by 2050. Will say this many times about goals like this announcement & NetZero 2050. Aspirational, not practical. $ trillions will be spent trying to get there. Moving that direction EFFICIENTLY is hugely critical..and hugely valuable.

Sep 8, 2021