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The market continues to demand fresh ideas and industry insights from professionals with deep experience. We maintain energy at our core while expanding our perspectives to include the influences of technology and mobility. PEP Insights is able to put all these complicated issues together and provide a holistic approach to the energy ecosystem, we call this concept TE&M. We see the greatest secular investment opportunity across a broad landscape that eclipses the shale revolution. PEP Insights is a global thought leader in redefining and capitalizing on what energy is and what it can become.


Bolt of Lightning

The decentralization of fueling

The decentralization of fueling creates both opportunities and pain points. The charger infrastructure ecosystem sits at an intersection of the utility, power generation equipment, transportation, and technology sectors, requiring a multi-sided analytical approach.



A curvy road ahead

Tesla is a pioneer. The company largely had the EV playing field to itself and has been the most vocal about the potential autonomous features of its cars. As a result, Tesla’s stock reflects, if not a winner takes all, at least a winner takes most valuation.


The BP Statistical Review 2021

Digging deeper

The big dilemma: Non-OECD wants the quality of life of OECD. To get there, energy consumption increases. CO2 emissions track energy consumption.

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