Since 2004, PEP Investments has deployed over $15 billion of capital for our clients in both public and private markets across traditional energy and the Energy Transition.

Private Investment Strategies

Diverse professional backgrounds and a flat operating structure improves the “marketplace of ideas” on PEP’s Private Equity team.

PEP’s private equity practice focuses on discrete energy investment opportunities with asymmetric returns propositions. Featuring a team with diverse investment and direct operating backgrounds, PEP Private Equity has proven a capacity to provide investors with differentiated perspectives and unique access to value-oriented private energy investment strategies. Our principles are simple: honesty, deep technical due diligence, structural flexibility, and strong investor alignment. Our “more partner, less sponsor” approach to energy investing has helped to shape our superior industry and client networks as well as our longstanding reputation for fair dealing. PEP Private Equity’s primary goal continues to be creating outsized risk-adjusted returns for our clients, alongside whom we will always invest in the PEP Private Equity strategies.

Public Investment Strategies

Business analysts focused on long-term value creation.

Our public equities strategies focus on structurally advantaged assets across an array of enabler commodities and infrastructure projects. By taking a private equity approach to the public markets, PEP Public Equity assesses asset quality and management’s ability to generate long-term value. Our strategies focus on doing well while doing good: attractive prospective returns while supporting global zero-carbon efforts.


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Dan Pickering Talks Oil Majors’ Earnings on CNBC

Dan Pickering joins CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia to discuss recent earnings announcements and what it means for the energy investment landscape.

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Pickering Energy Partners Expands Energy Transition Expertise with New Director of Technical Resources

Firm Helps Clients Determine Viability of Hydrogen and Other Carbon Mitigation Investments with Scientific Expertise

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September 2022 – Commentary from Dan Pickering

The world is as complicated and nuanced as we have seen in our career. On the macro front, we have global inflation, sticky US employment and a strong dollar, central banks raising rates around the world, the remnants of the pandemic in China, a European energy crisis, sickly equity markets, sickly debt markets and an escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine…

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MERGE Electric Fleet Solutions announces a new pilot program in the Permian Basin area

MERGE is launching pilot programs in the Permian - offering two Ford Lightnings for 31 days and a fleet assessment to oilpatch customers.

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Dan Pickering Weighs in on OPEC+ Production Cuts

Following the OPEC+ decision to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day, Dan joins CNBC to discuss when and how this might affect the global energy market and U.S. consumers.

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Dan Pickering Shares Energy Sector Outlook on CNBC

With OPEC+ scheduled to meet on Wednesday and consider a potential production cut, Dan Pickering discusses his predictions for energy inflation on CNBC’s Street Signs Asia.

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Dan Pickering Talks Energy Trends on CNBC

Amidst fears of a recession, Dan Pickering joins CNBC’s The Exchange to discuss what he has on his radar in the energy space – such as oil demand and prices, inventory data, and expectations for Europe.

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Pickering Energy Partners Announces Energy Transition Advisory Board

Energy Transition Leaders to Provide Strategic Guidance, Insight and Ambassadorship

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 August 2022 – Commentary from Dan Pickering

August was anything but a boring summer month. The macro dance continued as the main driver of oil markets. US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s speech put a damper on sentiment and heightened fears of recession and slower energy demand…

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