Today’s environment brings unprecedented complexity to the energy markets. While volatility is par for the course in the energy industry, 2020 showed us just how tumultuous the market could be. We’ve dealt with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, OPEC price wars, a surge of bankruptcies across the industry, and everything in between. Even still, none of this is new: the pressures reshaping the energy industry have been building for almost a decade, from new and changing regulations to shifting international policies.

At Pickering Energy Partners, we are leveraging hundreds of years of combined experience to deliver real-time understanding, forward-looking analysis, and strategic insights to help our clients navigate the highs and lows. We offer a wide range of strategic consulting capabilities, including investment advice and due diligence support, portfolio deep-dive analyses, and long-term planning for ESG initiatives. Our extensive track record of maneuvering through volatile energy markets also enables us to provide you with critical insight when you need it most.

At Pickering Energy Partners, we’ve seen the world of energy through multiple peak-to-trough cycles, and we are able to share our experiences and work alongside your team to navigate through them. Now, let us put you inside energy. Watch the video to learn more about our strategic consulting services.