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Global Natural Resources and Energy Transition Q1 2022

Increased awareness of the constraints and physical realities of our collective efforts to both expand and decarbonize the world’s energy systems is a prerequisite to creating the policy and investment climate necessary for success. The next step is to move beyond spreadsheets and soapboxes and start figuring out how to capitalize responsibly sourced raw materials, infrastructure projects, and energy solutions so that economic crises do not become humanitarian ones.

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Dan Pickering Talks Energy Security and Pricing Volatility on CNBC

The Biden Administration must balance energy security amid the war in Ukraine while lowering gas prices before midterm elections. How will their decisions impact the market this year and beyond? Watch Dan Pickering on CNBC to get his take.

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Dan Pickering Predicts Impact of Biden’s SPR Release

The SPR release is lowering oil prices as intended, but how does the refill of these reserves affect demand in the future? Dan Pickering joins Kelly Evans on CNBC's The Exchange to discuss.

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A big CNBC energy powwow will go down at 1:30pm ET this afternoon with @KellyCNBC, @CroftHelima & @GinaVSanchez. We'll tackle everything from commodity prices to renewables. Toughest question - will there be an #EFT shoutout and #FridayNightRollCall invite?!?!? Join us!

Sep 30, 2021

Eyecatching: What's it take to sell $500+MM of an energy stock overnight? $5+/mcf natty and a 9% discount to the last trade $EQT. 6 months ago that would've been 20% in the hole..relatively better. Will be on CNBC tomorrow around 1:30pm ET to talk energy..should be fun!

Sep 29, 2021

Biden says US power to 45% solar by 2050. Will say this many times about goals like this announcement & NetZero 2050. Aspirational, not practical. $ trillions will be spent trying to get there. Moving that direction EFFICIENTLY is hugely critical..and hugely valuable.

Sep 8, 2021