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Shale 2.0 – The Promised Land?

“Speaking recently at an investor conference, Anadarko Petroleum CEO Al Walker had some interesting thoughts regarding the current state of the U.S. oil and gas industry. Here is what he said to investors: ‘The biggest problem our industry faces today is you guys. You don’t reward capital efficiency, you reward growth. When you guys stop…
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Life in the Echo Chamber

“For the U.S. E&P industry, production growth is the hallmark of success, and that mandate is reinforced by almost every constituent. For many, “Drill, baby, drill” isn’t a joke, it’s a business plan. This is evident from management commentaries, with one leading CEO quoted as saying, “the shareholders back us to grow production, and that’s…
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Thoughts on Greenlight’s E&P Presentation

“We recently read David Einhorn’s analysis of the exploration and production (“E&P”) industry with great interest, not because he is an expert in the oil and gas industry, but rather because he provides the perspective of a thoughtful investor who is not burdened by the biases or constraints that come with following the sector for…
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