PEP's consulting team works alongside our clients to address critical challenges businesses face to ensure that the company is making confident decisions, mitigating risk, and connecting to strategic capital.

ESG Consulting

PEP’s ESG Consulting team provides actionable insight to companies navigating the ESG disclosure landscape. The team works with three primary types of clients including public energy companies, private energy companies, and asset managers.


Guidance and execution follow a four-step process including creating a reporting infrastructure, data collection, and analysis, then reporting optimization.

  • Asset Manager: Working with financial institutions to build out infrastructure for conducting ESG due diligence on potential investments, aggregate ESG data across the portfolio, conduct benchmarking to identify vulnerabilities within the portfolio, and create portfolio-level reporting to current and prospective investors and LPs.
  • Private Company: Identify the topics most material to stakeholders including customers, insurers, private equity sponsors, and potential acquirers. Take a phased approach to reporting, with sophistication that increases over time.
  • Public Company: Establish a set of material metrics and topics and prioritize disclosures over the short, medium, and long-term. Formulate a strategy for compliance with SEC’s proposed climate disclosures and mitigate the risk of greenwashing claims. Provide guidance on investor outreach and disclosure optimization.

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Strategic Consulting

PEP’s Strategic Consulting team works with clients across the energy value chain to answer the most pressing questions facing their businesses. The PEP Strategic Consulting team focuses its work across three main areas: transaction support, corporate strategy, and commercialization strategy.

  • Transaction support: Working with leading financial services and corporate clients to provide commercial due diligence on energy and infrastructure transactions across the entire value chain.
  • Corporate strategy: Working with clients across the energy industry to position their businesses for growth in light of the changing energy landscape.
  • Commercialization strategy: Supporting entrepreneurs to commercialize innovative businesses and technologies across traditional and new sources of energy.

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