Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Consulting

Actionable, practical, data-driven ESG strategy and implementation.

The PEP ESG Consulting team works with our clients to establish a clear ESG plan that addresses nuances within their sector. To us, ESG is an extension of existing compliance, disclosure, risk, health, and safety activities that will likely be required and regulated in one form or another. We do not force any single framework or perspective and instead create strategies that are actionable and practical. Our goal is to help our clients tell their story, maximize access to capital, and prepare for both today’s and tomorrow’s ESG needs

Strategy Consulting

We partner with you to unlock valuable insights for your business.

Our PEP Strategy Consulting team provides total transaction support through target identification, buyside, and sellside. We are a team of former investment bankers, research analysts, private and public equity investors, and consultants that can help your company solve real problems, and provide actionable, thorough and valuable insights. We approach problems as a partner and put ourselves in the viewpoint of the investor to analyze and make suggestions. Our goal is to be viewed as a trusted partner with a deep cross-industry network that we can use to make connections, gain insights and intelligence, and provide value for our clients. In addition to our deep network, we bring world-class execution capabilities to the table.


Connecting the Dots: Breaking the ESG Code

The pursuit of long-term capital can often feel like a continual attempt at deciphering a never-ending array of complex codes.

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New Year, New Outlook

Today’s environment brings unprecedented complexity to the energy markets. While volatility is par for the course in the energy industry, 2020 showed us just how tumultuous the market could be

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