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Renewable Constraints

The Energy Transition – A Realistic Look at the Path Forward

We cannot wait until the world’s economy is powered entirely by renewables, if that is even possible; we need to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions right now. Combatting climate change means taking a pragmatic approach to what is feasible today and identifying and capitalizing on the innovators who will deliver solutions for tomorrow. By encouraging the responsible production of key enabler commodities like natural gas, copper, lithium, and aluminum, investors and policymakers can both accelerate and lower the price tag of the Energy Transition.

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December 2021 – Monthly Commentary from Dan Pickering

December 2021

December was an OK finish to a very good year.

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Dan Pickering Discusses Oil Supply and Demand on CNBC

Will oil prices continue to rise? Not necessarily — keeping global supply and demand in mind.

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A big CNBC energy powwow will go down at 1:30pm ET this afternoon with @KellyCNBC, @CroftHelima & @GinaVSanchez. We'll tackle everything from commodity prices to renewables. Toughest question - will there be an #EFT shoutout and #FridayNightRollCall invite?!?!? Join us!

Sep 30, 2021

Eyecatching: What's it take to sell $500+MM of an energy stock overnight? $5+/mcf natty and a 9% discount to the last trade $EQT. 6 months ago that would've been 20% in the hole..relatively better. Will be on CNBC tomorrow around 1:30pm ET to talk energy..should be fun!

Sep 29, 2021

Biden says US power to 45% solar by 2050. Will say this many times about goals like this announcement & NetZero 2050. Aspirational, not practical. $ trillions will be spent trying to get there. Moving that direction EFFICIENTLY is hugely critical..and hugely valuable.

Sep 8, 2021